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Automatic Dialyzer Reprocessing Machine

Intended for dialyzer re-use segment. Instead of discarding a dialyzer after the end of the treatment, the dialyser is cleaned, disinfected and stored until the next treatment.

pure-pro automatic dialyzer reprocessing machine malaysia
Disinfectant Solution


Pure-Pro Automatic Dialyzer Reprocessor System with Selectable Programs (for Standard, High Efficiency and High Flux Dialyzers). Station includes drip tray and inlet pressure gauge.

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  • Automated Reprocessing Cycle
  • Venous Line Clamp – Secure venous outlet line.
  • Color coding – Provides visual cues to dialyzer orientation.
  • Header Integrity Test (optional) – Diagnostic test to verify that the header is on securely with O-ring in place.
  • Failed Volume Test – Limits the number of volume retests to two.
  • Culture Sample Cycle – Separate cycle for ease of taking water samples.
  • Dedicated Clean/Rinse Cycle – Aggressive Hykleen 409® cycle for heavily deposited lines and machines
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Hykleen Cold Sterilant

HyKleen is a stabilised Peracetic acid product that offers state of art cold sterilisation. Its careful formulation makes a simple and safe fast acting cleaning agent: being biodegradable is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.

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