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HyKleen Cold Sterilants

Hykleen is used for reprocessing dialyzers with the Automatic Dialyzer Reprocessor machine.The products are a mixture of peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid. They leave no toxic residues and after reacting with organic material, they decompose into oxygen and acetic acid. These cold sterilants destroy viruses, bacteria, spores and fungi.

For dialyzer reprocessing with the Automatic Dialyzer Reprocessor system. Each cannister holds ten liters of RHyKleen concentrate. To prevent excessive pressure build-up, all concentrate containers are provided with vented caps. These caps should not be altered or replaced. All boxes must be stored in an upright position. HyKleen comes with two 10-liter containers per case.




HyKleen Cold Sterilant, the packaging solution for increasing your reprocessing efficiency. HyKleen offers the same proven performance and cleaning and sterilization power of traditional HyKleen Cold Sterilant in a convenient package that requires no manual dilution and uses minimal storage space.

Minimizes Storage Space: HyKleen packaging reduces the storage space required for traditional HyKleen packaging by 66%. HyKleen is shipped in two 10-liter containers per case, enabling you to order less frequently and/or order smaller quantities.

Environmentally Friendly: Less packaging and container bulk translates to a significant reduction in reprocessing waste for your center.

Efficient and Cost-Effective
: Traditional HyKleen Cold Sterilant has a maximum seven-day shelf life after pre-dilution. HyKleen is designed to be automatically diluted by a Automatic Dialyzer Reprocessor. The benefits include:

1. No labor and resources spent pre-diluting Renalin
2. Minimized exposure to HyKleen Cold Sterilant Concentrate
3. Full product shelf life (No pre-dilution eliminates the seven day expiration)
4. Reduced HyKleen waste
5. Quality Focused
: no premixing, eliminating the possibility of human error during the dilution process

: Most dialysis centers order two sizes of HyKleen Cold Sterilant; one for dialyzer reprocessing and another to use as a disinfectant for ancillary supplies at a 1% concentration. HyKleen’s convenient packaging offers a flexible solution for both dialyzer reprocessing and ancillary supply disinfection.

Benefits Staff: Because no mixing is required, HyKleen minimizes the release of HyKleen vapors caused by dilution and mixing. In addition the smaller, more efficient packaging means less time spent rinsing sterilant containers before disposal.

Saves Time: Time saved equals dollars saved. HyKleen reduces time spent in several ways:

1. Less frequent ordering
2. Reduced handling
3. No pre-dilution
4. Fewer bottles to rinse
5. Less frequent packaging disposal