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Cleaning Solution For Medical Equipment

HyKleen – Disinfectant Solution

hykleen disinfectant solution malaysia cold sterilization

Hykleen – Cold Sterilization

Disinfectant Solution


HyKleen is a stabilised Peracetic acid product that offers state of art cold sterilisation. Its careful formulation makes a simple and safe fast acting cleaning agent: being biodegradable is more environmentally friendly than traditional methods.


HyKleen is an effective sterilant formulated for use after dilution for many applications, for example, high purity water systems, medical and laboratory equipment. It is mostly used in Dialyzer Reprocessing System. Consult with your machine manufacturer about “Instruction For Use”.

Note: This information is based on our latest state of knowledge and is intended to provide only general notes on our products. At any time we reserve the right to make modifications due to new developments. Any existing industrial property rights must be observed. The quality of our products is guaranteed under our conditions of sale.

  • A cold sterilant that is glutaraldehyde free
  • More effective than formaldehyde, ethanol and sodium
    hydroxide (which are disinfectants that kill only most
    bacteria and some spores but not all microorganisms)
  • Effective against non-tuberculous mycobacteria
    including HIV (associated with AIDS), hepatitis viruses
    and microorganisms when used as a sterilant
  • Discharges to drain where it breaks down into oxygen, acetic acid and water
  • Shelf life is 12 months after manufacture
  • Safety degasification system with splash-proof cap
  • Packing size: 10 ltr. bottle
  • Peracetic Acid 5% w/w
  • Hydrogen Peroxide. 25% w/w
  • Acetic Acid. 10% w/w
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