Peracid Test™

The Only Quantitative Peracitic Acid Test Strip

The peroxide based disinfection solutions usually contain a mixture of peroxyacetic acid (peracetic acid or PAA) and hydrogen peroxide. Peracetic acid is a much stronger oxidant and is the main chemical for sterilization effect. Since peracetic acid is not stable, the solution also always contain high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid to prevent peracetic acid from degrading. To test the true effectiveness of the sterilization solution, it is important that the test be specific to peracetic acid with minimal interference from the hydrogen peroxide. Peracid Test strip (HP20401) has a high specificity for peracetic acid. It is used as a potency test strip for peracetic acid based sterilant



Peracid Test™
The Only Quantitative Peracitic Acid Test Strip

  • Dip-and-read test strip
  • Takes only 30 seconds
  • Measures peracetic acid from 250 – 5000 ppm without dilution
  • Quantitative test results

Peracetic Acid Potency test strips.
Measure % concentration of HyKleen , or ppm peracetic acid. It is a quantitative test strip, rather than a Positive/Negative qualitative indicator strip. Dip-and-read in less than 30 seconds. No dilution required. The strip is best used for confirmation of required sterilant potency, quality assurance of accurate solution preparation or precise dosing of peracetic acid during disinfection of RO water purification system.

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